Birds of Virginia

Attract more birds to your Virginia property with these tips on selecting trees and shrubs to attract birds.


The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, a 17 mile stretch of bridge, tunnels, and island, presents a unique opportunity for bird watching.  The bridge tunnel complex provides a resting stop for migratory birds crossing the Chesapeake Bay.  Driving across the bridge, you'll see pelicans, gulls, and ducks of many varieties.  The rest stop bridge has several observation areas.  More birds can be seen on the islands, but you'll need a special permit for access. 

Since Virginia has three distinct types of terrain and habitat, the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail is divided into three regions - Coastal Trail, Mountain Trail, and Peidmont Trail. You can order a copy of the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail guide from the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. The guide includes information all of the trails, local chamber of commerces and visitor center information, viewing tips, and wildlife festival listings.

The Top 10 Foods to Attract Winter Birds


State Bird


Flicker aka Yellowhammer

The Virginia state bird is the Cardinal







Online Resources for Virginia Bird Watchers


Virginia Society of Ornithology
Virginia birding information, education, and outings. 

Eastern Shore Birding and Wildlife Festival
Annual fall birding festival.

Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail
Includes Coastal, Mountain, and Piedmont trals.