Birds of Tennessee

Explore the birds of Tennessee with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency's searchable database of Tennessee birds.  Sort by color, season, and more.

The high elevations of Tennessee's mountains provide cools temperature and forest habitat not typical of the southeast. Here's a good article from the Knoxville newspaper about birding on Roan Mountain in norheast Tennessee.

You can help provide important habitat and attract birds to your Tennessee yard by planting shrubs and trees that birds can use for food and shelter. Some suggested plantings that will attract birds to your yard and provide beauty to your landscape include Hollies, Serviceberry, Pyracantha, Common Juniper, Crabapple, and flowering Dogwood.  Here's a helpful guide to plants that attract birds - it's put out by NC State, they're close enough in geography that the suggestions should be relavent to Tennessee too.


State Bird


Flicker aka Yellowhammer

The Tennessee state bird is the Mockingbird





Online Resources for Tennessee Bird Watchers


100 Common Birds of Tennessee
Photo index with descriptions.

Field Checklist of Tennessee Birds
In printable pdf format.

Tennessee Ornithological Society
The Bird Records Committee

Tennessee bird watching spots
Guide to wildlife viewing areas.

Kingsport Birding Trail
Kingsport Tennessee

Tennessee Sandhill Crane Festival
See migrating Sandhill Cranes at the Hiwassee Refuge.