Birds of Ohio

Learn how to attract more birds to your Ohio backyard with information on birdhouses and feeders.

Provide year-round habitat for our feathered friends.  Winter Plants that Birds Love.

Ohio Birdscaping. Advice from the Ohio Landscape Association.


State Bird


Flicker aka Yellowhammer

The Ohio state bird is the Cardinal





Online Resources for Ohio Bird Watchers


Ohio Ornithological Society
Birding information and activities.

Ohio Bird Checklists
Ohio state checklists in a variety of formats.

Ohio Birds Sanctuary
Dedicated to the rehabilitation of Ohio's native birds.

A to Z guide to Ohio Birds
Includes photos, information and sound samples.

Lake Erie Birding Trail
Covers the entire 312 miles of Ohio shoreline.

Biggest Week in American Birding
Annual birding festival, held in Ohio. Held during Warbler migration.

Hand Feeding Hummingbirds at Lake Hope State Park

YouTube video showing the hand feeding program at this Ohio state park