Birds of New Mexico

New Mexico is a great state for bird watching - there are around 500 birds on the state bird list. 

Ready to do some exploring in New Mexico?  The Northcentral New Mexico Birding Trail will take you through the Las Vegas and Santa Fe areas.  The Southwest New Mexico Birding Trail will guide you through the areas around Deming, Silver City and Las Cruces.  Or, check out good places to bird between Albuquerque and Santa Fe.


State Bird


Flicker aka Yellowhammer

The New Mexico state bird is the Roadrunner





Online Resources for New Mexico Bird Watchers


Audubon New Mexico
Source of information on New Mexico birds and birding activities.

New Mexico Ornithological Society
You'll find publications, including the state bird list here as well as a nice photo gallery.

New Mexico Birds State Checklist

New Mexico Breeding Bird Atlas
Keeping track of New Mexico's breeding bird population.

New Mexico's Best Birding Spots
Recommendations from the staff at Audubon New Mexico.

New Mexico Birding Books
New Mexico-specific bird books and guides.

Festival of the Cranes
Socorro, New Mexico fesival featuring Sandhill Cranes, roadrunners, waterfowl and raptors.