Birds of New Jersey

You can attract more birds to your New Jersey home with this free Guide to Landscaping for Birds.

New Jersey offers a variety of bird habitats, from mountains and pinelands to coastal beaches.  Explore New Jersey's birding and wildlife trails.

Cape May is a popular place for birders and hosts both the Cape May Autumn Birding Festival and the CAPE MAYgration Birding Festival.

Creating a Bird-Friendly Habitat - Tips from the National Wildlife Federation.


State Bird


Flicker aka Yellowhammer

The New Jersey state bird is the American Goldfinch






Online Resources for New Jersey Bird Watchers


NJ Bird Photos
Nice photographs of the birds of New Jersey.

New Jersey Audubon
Conservation, research, education and activities for New Jersey birders.

New Jersey Birding Hot Spots
Great birding locations, listed by season

Cape May Bird Observatory
Cape May has long been a popular destination for bird watchers.

New Jersey's birding and wildlife trails
Find information on birding sites and download maps and brochures.

New Jersey Birding Books
New Jersey-specific bird books and guides