Birds of Mississippi

Wondering what that bird is at your feeder?  Check out the Common Backyard Birds of Mississippi.

408 species of birds have been observed and recorded in Mississippi.  Want to see how many you can spot?  The Mississippi Coastal Birding Trail is a good place to start. Pick up a map at Mississippi visitor centers.


State Bird


Flicker aka Yellowhammer

The Mississippi state bird is the Mockingbird





Regional Bird Guides


Birds of Louisiana & Mississippi Field Guide




Mississippi Birdwatching




Online Resources for Mississippi Bird Watchers


Checklist of Birds of Mississippi
A printable, pdf field checklist.

Birds of Coastal Mississippi
A printable birding checklist.

Mississippi Bird Atlas Project
A census of breeding birds in the State of Mississippi

Mississippi Coast Audubon Society

Mississippi Birding Books
Mississippi-specific birding guides.