Birds of Minnesota

How well do you know your Minnesota birds?  The Minnesota DNR has a nifty online bird ID page.  Just point to a bird on their interactive bird poster to see it's name and click on it to hear the bird's song. 

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has compiled a Minnesota birds list in pdf format. You can print yourself a copy and use it to keep track of the birds you see.

Want to know where to find birds in Minnesota?  Try the Minnesota bird distribution map of 242 birds observed during the breeding season.


State Bird


Flicker aka Yellowhammer

The Minnesota state bird is the Common Loon






Minnesota Bird Guides





Online Resources for Minnesota Bird Watchers


Bird Distribution Maps
From the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas
A project to identify every species of bird that breeds in the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota Bird Nerd
A Minnesota birders blog, updated regularly with interesting posts and beautiful photos.

Minnesota's Pine to Prairie Birding Trail
Explore Northwest Minnesota's birding habitats and hotspots.

Minnesota Birding Books
Minnesota-specific bird identification, field guides and birding.