Birds of Maryland

Maryland stretches from the seashore to the mountains and provides habitat or many species of birds.  Add to that a location along the migratory flyway, and you have a state that's an ideal location for bird watchers.

Create your own backyard habitiat with Maryland's Wild Acres Program.


State Bird


Flicker aka Yellowhammer

The Maryland state bird is the Baltimore Oriole






Regional Bird Guides


Birds of Maryland & Delaware Field Guide: Includes Washington, D.C. & Chesapeake Bay




Mid-Atlantic Birds: Backyard Guide - Watching - Feeding - Landscaping - Nurturing - Virginia (BirdWatcher's Digest Backyard Guide)




Online Resources for Maryland Bird Watchers


The Maryland Ornithological Society
Provides information on birding locations, Maryland species lists, birding events, and more.

Field Checklist of the Birds of Maryland
A printable version is available here.

Birds in Maryland
A nice collection of birds photographed in Maryland.

Dorchester County Birding Tails
Bird watching in Chesapeake Country. 
Includes the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.

Maryland and Washington DC Birding Festivals