Birds of Iowa

Iowa is home to many birds, both resident and migratory.  The Iowa Association of Naturalists has published an informative guide to the Nesting Birds of Iowa.

Want to know how to attract more birds to your Iowa backyard?  Read Managing Iowa Habitats - Attracting Birds to Your Yard from the Iowa State University Extension.


State Bird


Flicker aka Yellowhammer

The Iowa state bird is the Eastern Goldfinch





Regional Bird Guides


Birds of Iowa Field Guide (Field Guides)




Online Resources for Iowa Bird Watchers


Iowa Ornithologist's Union
Iowa birds and birding.

Iowa Birds Checklist
A current Iowa checklist, printable field list, and checklists by county.

The Makoke Birding Trail
Birding in Central Iowa. (pdf)

Iowa Nesting Birds (pdf)

Iowa Audubon's Pelican Festival
Held in September. See thousands of migrating pelicans.